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The National Infertility Network Exchange (NINE) is a national not- for- profit organization for persons and couples with impaired fertility, and the professionals that serve them. NINE supports the decision of legal and medical means to build families as well as the decision to remain childfree.

NINE has been helping the infertile community since 1988. When you join NINE you are with people who have experienced infertility first hand. We have been there and understand what is happening to you and your life.

At NINE you are welcomed into an organization that helps you cope with every aspect of infertility and adoption. Whether you suspect infertility, are actively in treatment or at a crossroad, NINE helps and cares.

Support Groups Forming

NINE is forming peer-led support groups.

Topics include:

  • coping with infertility
  • medical procedures
  • male infertility
  • in vitro fertilization
  • miscarriage
  • secondary infertility
  • unexplained adoption
  • child free lifestyle


Support Groups Forming
NINE is forming peer led support groups. Topics include: coping with infertility, medical procedures, male infertility, in-vitro fertilization, miscarriage, secondary infertility, unexplained adoption and a childfree lifestyle.

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