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Infertility Can Be An Isolating Issue

By definition, infertility is the inability to achieve conception after one year of unprotected intercourse, or the inability to carry a pregnancy to a live birth. Infertility can affect many aspects of a couples' life:
• Financial strain
• Relationships are strained
• Sexual relations are controlled
• Substantial time is spent in treatment
• Egos are compromised

The National Infertility Network Exchange (NINE) understands these issues and is here to help you through them. NINE can help you explore your options in order to make educated decisions about your family building choices.

NINE provides support to men at various levels including men's support groups, online chats, one-on- one and medical procedure counseling.
• Adoption Workshops
• Peer Led Support Groups
• Individual & Couple Counseling
• Professional Referral Service
• Educational Meetings
• Resource Materials
• Informative Bi-Monthly Newsletter


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