National Infertility Network Exchange You Are Not Alone  
Monthly Educational Meetings
Fertility Specialists, Counselors, Adoption Experts and other speakers, address topics of interest to our population. These topics include, medical treatment, male/female infertility, In-vitro fertilization, miscarriage, secondary and unexplained infertility, as well as adoption. These meetings help to understand our issues and give us the knowledge necessary to make educated decisions.

Bi-Monthly Newsletter
A lifeline to those fighting infertility. The newsletter has current medical information, counseling advice, letters to editor, requests for contact, articles of interest, adoption forum, legislation updates and upcoming meeting announcements.

Professional Referral
NINE helps members find doctors, attorneys, counselors, IVF/GIFT centers, donor programs, adoption agencies, and other professionals that specialize in what they need, and with whom they feel confident enough to communicate their thoughts, questions, and concerns.

The NINE Line
Enables people to contact other NINE members with similar conditions and experiences by phone or E-mail.

Resource Materials
NINE maintains specialized books as well as fact sheets, pamphlets and literature pertaining to all phases of impaired fertility and its resolutions.


Support Groups
We all need someone to talk to. NINE has peer led support groups, providing couples and/or individuals with an opportunity to share feelings, experiences and information. These groups empower people to better cope and regain control.

There is strength in numbers. NINE helps reform laws regarding adoption and infertility treatment.

Adoption Workshops
These personalized in-depth workshops provide information on how to know if and when you’re ready, how to get started, how to make it happen!

NINE supports and coordinates the efforts of its chapters. The national office provides building advice, ideas and support for chapter leaders and a forum for them to network.

NINE is a volunteer organization. Volunteering helps restore feelings of self worth and enables people to make close friendships as well as do important work for the good of others.

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